No one really cares about your features and benefits

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in RockStar Rant | No Comments

Rockstars never use features and benefits to sell a concert or a new CD. Could you imagine a Rockstar bragging about the average length of each song on a CD or listing all the musical credits of each member of their band?  It’s never happened and it never will because no one would care. We want to hear the break-up that inspired their latest release. They tell us how and why they believe their music will really speak to us. Rockstars make an emotional connection with their fans.

The decision to purchase is an emotional one whether you are buying your first home or interviewing a prospective financial advisor. We choose the home we feel comfortable in and reflects how we want to live even if it doesn’t tick every box on our homebuying checklist of features and benefits. We choose the financial advisor who we connect with and we believe understands us.

Put away your fact sheet with features and benefits and spend time really listening to, and connecting with your clients instead.

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