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Could you imagine if Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones had a resume that people referenced before deciding to go to a Rolling Stones concert?  Interestingly, I don’t think their resume would be that compelling. It would highlight the fact that after 54 years in the music business and 55 albums, they won a mere 2 Grammy Awards.  Both awards, Best Video and Best Rock Album, were won in 1995. Their stats tell the story of a “has been” band that has lost its relevance.  In reality, this iconic band has sold over 200 million records worldwide and have 4 of the 20 all-time highest grossing concerts. If they announced a tour today, they would easily sell out some of the biggest concert venues around the world.

Clearly stats and industry recognition are not the reason people clamour to pay premium prices to see a Rolling Stones concert.

The Rolling Stones are known for having electric live performances. After performing together for 5 decades, they are so comfortable with each other that they improvise on stage which makes their performances more vibrant and dynamic.  You may not know exactly what’s going to happen on stage but you know you’ll have a memorable experience and a great time.

The same can be said for Rockstar business leaders. Your reputation is more widely known than your “stats”. You get tapped on the shoulder and asked to apply for influential roles before the role is even posted. You are the “preferred candidate”.

I’m sure you have a professionally drafted resume that document an impressive list of your business accomplishments and academic achievement, but that’s not what gets you to the front-of-the line for a new job.  You get to the front-of-the-line through referrals. Sincere endorsements provided from your colleagues and bosses is what gets you noticed.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, 70% of jobs are filled through referrals. It’s your reputation, your track record for delivering, and the respect of your colleagues that generates referrals.

No one cares about the Grammy Award.  They care about how well the band performs in concert.

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