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How many times have you heard the phrase “find your passion and you’ll never work another day in your life?”  Sounds exhilarating, aspirational and fulfilling. We read about people who left mundane jobs to open their own cupcake business, become a personal trainer or write a best-selling novel.

How exciting for them.

But what if you don’t have a passion, or at least not a marketable one?

Maybe you picked all 14 of the American Idol winners. Maybe your Christmas tree is a work of art your friends and family rave about. Maybe you’re great at getting stains out of clothing.

Don’t type that resignation letter just yet.

In North American culture the concept of finding your passion is so pervasive that admitting you don’t know what your passion is can feel like admitting you have no friends. People will look at you with pity and secretly wonder what’s wrong with you.

No need to feel small because you haven’t yet found your passion. There’s big “P” passion and then there’s little “p” passion. Little “p” passion is about finding the magic in the every day.

Maybe your job is very demanding and you work long hours, but you love your team member. Maybe you dislike your team but you find the work you are doing to be creative and groundbreaking. Maybe your company has a great work from home policy that suits your lifestyle. Think of at least one person who would love to have your job.

So, until Ryan Seacrest taps you on the shoulder to be the next American Idol judge or Disney asks you to decorate all the Christmas trees in the Magic Kingdom, find the small “p” passion in the things you do everyday.

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